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Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween

Zombie Clash 3D it's now online free on!
Where you can join the new third-person shooter from the 3D Clash game series that takes you to the abandoned circus. Along with a team of Harlequins as you fight in the green and red teams to eliminate the infected zombies from the site of the carousel. The first map is called ''Mad Circus'' you can play it solo, get statistics, and leaderboard with achievements. The game first includes regular weapons and golf weapons that you can use. Some of the golden weapons provide you with extra damage but you need a number of wins to unblock them. Your primary weapon is the double shotgun barrel, but make sure to search for the cages that contain the crossbow. The crossbow will shoot with three explosive arrows at once and provide a longer range than the shotgun. So if you are willing to go into the red zombie camp there will be hundreds of zombies, the red boots provide you with extra speed and the crossbow shoot explosive arrows at quite a far distance, keeping you safer because zombies also have guns. Each level is finished when the number above is completed, the first event shows 14/14 kills, when these are completed you are led to the game interface, where you can do some upgrades for your life, weapons damage and range. Check the nine achievements to earn extra gold coins, skins, masks and weapons. Also, if you are pretty good with the game check the top 10 players daily stats to see you are qualified among the best players in Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween. Since the game is still in development the developers will modify and optimize the game if there are bugs, the current game version is v1.0.0. We will try to update Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween so you can play the game with the latest features.

On mobile devices Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween
Since all games from the ''Clash'' series are optimized and develop with html5 technology, are available on tablets, phones and iPhones. The tricky part is the Halloween themed shooter( is to lock your screen with the L key on browsers) firing of weapons, it's done automatically when you manage to adjust your weapons target on enemies. Then the guns shoot automatically and the enemies and zombies will die. So make sure to adjust to the game's physics on all devices. But if you want to have a better experience play Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween online free on your PC. 

How to play Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween Game?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To play the game use the W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys to move and balance the players. Press the ''L'' key to lock the screen cursor(this is very important) to be able to play the game. Use a spacebar to jump over obstacles. To zoom in use the right-click, and with the left-click to fire the weapons. Press the ''G'' key to use grades, and the 1,2,3,4 keys to change between weapons. 

Controls in Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface.
WASD or arrow keys = move
Hold C = crouch
Space = jump
Tab = score table
Left-click = shoot
Right-click = aim down sights.

Release Date        October 2021
Date added         
Chicago Time: 25 October 2021 13:02
Type                        Html5
Platform                 PC, Web browser and also on
Mobile Ready         Yes
Mobile Mode          Landscape.
HTTPS Ready          Yes
Genre                       Action, Shooting, Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Zombies, IO, 3D

The Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween was developed by Freeway Interactive. But you can play the game online on all devices here on with lower ads and unblocked.

The game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen Pegi 12
  • Enjoy a fun 3D first-person shooter game with Harlequins and zombies.
  • Smooth controls with realistic weapons,
  • Different skins and levels to play one.
  • Great looking maps with a Halloween base theme style.
  • You can unblock boxes to get random items, skins and weapons.
  • The team that has the most kills when the time runs out wins the game.
  • There red vs green events have a limited number of kills you can see them on the top screen of the game interface.
  • Achievements and scores board with top players.
  • Https and full-screen mode are available.
  • Addicting game-play.
More Information about Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween
Have fun in this action-packed first-person shooter game free online here on The Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween it's developed with Html5 technology which will allow the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers and on some mobile devices. If you enjoy this zombie shooter make sure you try other first-person shooter games best from the ''Clash'' series here on our website. Good look!


Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween for free on

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