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Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 the game it's a fun educational word game, this browser-based version of the game can be played online for free on Text Twist it's one of our selected learning and brain game classified in our cool math category with games offered here on our website. Start playing this epic fun kid game and test your mental and grammar skills while trying to find as many words as possible in the limited time offered on each round. Be fast and try to visualize as many words within the set of letters given. If the game seems too hard for you, go to the main, and there you can adjust the difficulty. Also, the game provides the top players high-score so make sure you check if you are skilled enough to be between the players listed in the game. Train your brain while trying to visualize as many words in the fastest time, if you need help change the words by pressing the shuffle button this will help you see new words. As you play a few rounds and you progress then try to be smart enough to unblock the untimed version which allows you to change to practice mode. There the time doesn't limit you and you can play easier and don't get stressed. Also by playing the unlimited mode that is a type of a game similar to the famous anagrams. But what is different in the ''anagrams'' is that you don't start like in the Text Twist with the word, but the text letters are random. This type of gameplay really makes people addicted some make sure you play Text Twist 2 here for free on and grow your knowledge of words to become the master in Text Twist 2. If you enjoy this Word Wipe

Release Date     
  Dec 23, 2018
Type                     Html5
Mobile Mode      Portrait
Mobile ready      Yes
Platform              Web browser, desktop, tablets, iPhones and also on any mobile device here:
Http Ready          Yes
Categories           Learning, Educational, Word, Free games, Quiz.

Use the mouse to navigate and play the game.
Press the spacebar to twist the letters.
Press the ''Enter'' button for entering the word or repeating the last word.
By pressing the Tab button you can clear all letters.

How to play the game.
Use the mouse and your brain to form words with the letters provided. Try to find at least one word that uses all letters to continue to the next round. For extra points or bonuses, you must find every word or possibility coming out from the letters. When you are playing the game click on the ball to form words, then press the enter button. Also, you can use the twist button if you get stuck, by changing the words it helps you maybe see new words. Besides the mouse you can also use the keyboards, to enter words.

When you are playing the Text Twist 2 game you will see the game is pretty difficult been selective for people with smart brain ;)) This seems to target the grown-ups, adults, and even old people because of the volume of words and deadlines. Also, the unlimited version can be played by children and kids because it has no time-constraints, this version can be enjoyed while finding all short of words and learning how to spell. And also the possibility to learn bran new full words. have fun and enjoy this Text Twist 2 game unblocked on free!


Text Twist and also Text Twist 2 the games have been developed by Jared Gholston, Jess Holt, Kaari King, Andy McCulloch, Matt Nepsa, Craig Robinson, and Lisa Wick! The game was distributed and purchased by the GameHouse company.

  • Enjoy the second version of the html5 Text Twist game online free.
  • The game is developed for players of any skill level.
  • Based on your performance you will get a medal like bronze, silver, and gold.
  • The game can be played in 2 version Times and Untimed.
  • The game gives you the possibility to change more relaxing music and also a new background. 
  • Smooth animation.
  • Hard, frustrating but intense and addicting game-play.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Text Twist 2
Enjoy this fun text twist 2 untimed online and have the best time on Text Twist 2 it's a fun brain text word game developed with html5 technology, allow it to work perfectly in all modern browsers mobiles, and tablets. Have fun and explore other awesome similar thinking and super text twist games free online!

Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Text Twist 2 for free on

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