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Star Wars X Wing Fighter

Star Wars X Wing Fighter game it's a fun action-packed side view spaceship shooting game that you can play on mobiles and browsers for free on Star Wars X Wing Fighter it's one of our selected war and flying games classified in our best-played Start Wars and Lego category with games offered free on our website! In the game, you have the possibility to fulfil your long-awaited dream of driving the powerful fabled X-Wing starfighter. Use the arrow keys to balance and drive the spaceship down, up, and avoid the incoming missiles from the Dooku's solar sailer and Death Star 1 spaceships. And exploit the plot of the ''Force Awakens'' through the eyes of a rebel, while shooting down ships, collecting power-ups, and charging the powerful cannon to make it safe on each level.
What is Star Wars X Wing Fighter?
As you play the game you will see that your firepower is pretty low and you need to shoot many times to destroy the enemy's drones. But if you are smart enough you can press and hold the spacebar or the right-click to charge the powerful spaceship cannon and release a powerful wave that will instantly blast the enemy's ships out of the sky. This sounds easy but until you get used to it it will take you some time because you have to hold the cannon to charge and move in front of the drones that are lining in front of you to shoot you as fast as possible. When the drones are in a strain line they release a powerful wave. On the levels, there are seven power-ups that will help you to easily complete the mission from the levels you can pick up items like a shield, missiles to increase your firepower, life to restore your life bar, and more.

Tips and Tricks in Star Wars X Wing Fighter?
If you are playing the simulator mode you can pick up one unique icon that looks like a warp time that transports you to another location or realm. Complete all 40 achievements to earn points and then you can upgrade the ship's abilities, firepower, and armour. based on your performance you can enter the Leaderboard with your score. There is a list of the best X-Wing starfighter pilots, that indicates the best of the week of the day and of the month players from all over the world. Enjoy all three missions available in the game and also explore more similar Star Wars and Lego star wars games online. Good luck!
How to play?
-To play the game using the mouse or the arrow keys to move the spaceship.
-Hold the mouse button or spacebar to charge the laser cannon and then release a powerful been that will destroy all the enemy ships.
-Collect Pick-ups for extra weapons and abilities.
-In the Simulator Mode, you can pick up icons(that look like a war zone) to change the zone.
-Earn a new trophy for every 10 challenges completed.
-Click the top-right icon or press the ''P'' key to pause the game.
-Complete all 40 challenges to earn more points and trophies.

Release Date        Tue July 2016
Type                      Html5
Developer            Disney
Mobile Mode       Portrait
Mobile ready       Yes
Platform               PC, Web browser and also on any mobile
HTTPS Ready       Yes
Categories            War, Movies, Action

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

If the game freezes after completing a mission, reload the game and choose to proceed from that mission.

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More Information About Star Wars X Wing Fighter
Have fun online with this epic adrenaline-pumping star wars x wing fighter game online for free on Star Wars X Wing Fighter it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly in all modern browsers and on many mobile devices. If you enjoy these awesome star wars x wing fighter arcade games try to have a blast online with our vast collection of star wars x-wing miniatures games for free!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of Star Wars X Wing Fighter Game online here on

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