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Round 6: The Game

Round 6: The Game squidgame it's now free on!
This Squidgame allows you to participate in all of the rounds from Squid Game in a single large game full of kids games. You must do your best to complete all of the levels to advance to the final round. If you are a fan of the Squid Games minigames series, this squid game, all games in sequence, will more than likely be among your favourite titles. The moment has come to go through all the stages and rounds from the actual show, including levels such as Red Light, Green Light, and Marble. You will have 7 Rounds to finish in this magnificent game, which will include Red Light - Green Light, Marble, Glass Tower, Rope Tower, The Big Fight, Honeycomb, and the final match - Squid Game - among many more. What are your thoughts on this visually fantastic game? are you ready to try your luck in the game of life and death, to rick it all for the money?
What is the Story in Round 6: The Game?
In this topic: the fantastic new Round 6 The Squid Game is a critically regarded survival game that includes all six rounds in one package. The stages of the tournament will be depicted visually on the screen in the form of photographs. You'll get to choose one of them with a single click of the computer mouse. Following that, you will be presented to the competition's regulations, and you will be allowed to begin passing them. You will be required to compete in all minigame events and also in my favourite Dalgon's Candy game, and others to progress. You will need to demonstrate your speed, agility, physical fitness, and, of course, intelligence to accomplish this. Keep in mind that losing at any point during the competition will result in the death of your squid player.
How to win in Round 6: The Game?
In the squid game, you must defeat your opponents. Enjoy the squid game by following the directions and ensuring you don't arrive late unless you're dead. If you wish to be eligible for awards, you are not excluded from participating in the squid game challenge.
Game Features:
- Red light, green light 
- Honey sugar 
- Pull the rope
- Marble
- Mid Night Fight Survival
- Glass Stepping Bridge
- The Squid Game is played using graduated glass stones.
- What is the best way to play the squid game?
- Keep an eye out for the red and green traffic lights.
- When the green light is activated, you can see it on the top left side of the game interface, which means you must run!
- When the red light is illuminated, it comes to a complete stop.
- Arrive at the winning point in the shortest amount of time.
-The game is optimized to work on all devices!
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. Also, touch the screen to play. When fighting or running from PC devices, you can press the M key for a boost.

Release Date     Friday, December 10 2021
Date added       Chicago Time: 10 December 2021 14:12

                     WebGL - Html5
Mobile Mode       No
Platform               PC, Web browser and also on all mobile devices.
HTTPS Ready       Yes
Categories            ActionRunningMultiplayerWebGLSquid game3DBoys.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

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Prepare to join all the squidgame six minigames that are ready to test your thinking, running and other abilities, here on Where the Round 6: The Game can be played for free online along with other cool squidgame netflix unblocked. If you enjoy playing this game try more squid mini-games from our category here on our website! Good luck!

For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of the Round 6: The Game online here on

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