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Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe

Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe game it's now free on all devices here on!
Join the mighty pups in the so-called Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe game, a fun good old Nickelodeon abilities and timing game that features the Paw Patrol characters. The Paw Patrol is having a good day as you can see in this paw patrol game online. A group of daring puppies embarks on a brand new journey. An absolute corn disaster will be avoided this time around, and the Paw Patrol will be called upon to do just that. Because it was such a similar day, the farmer decided to have a BBQ in the open air. He carried the brazier out into the street, lighted the coals, and assumed everything would be great. However, he accidentally caught on, and the brazier flipped over on its side. Several blazing embers landed in the field of maize. What is going to happen now? However, the Paw Patrol is on the way to save the day! The festival of corn roasts is taking place right now. However, when Farmer Al's cow accidentally knocks over the barbecue, it appears that the entire gathering could turn into a disaster as you can see in this paw patrol game nick jr. Chickaletta, Mayor Goodway's pet chicken, has escaped from the city to make matters worse! You may assist Marshall, Chase, and Skye, the Paw Patrol puppies, in their mission to save the day! What are the instructions for playing Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe? Marshall, a fire dog, enters the fray. You and him, at the very least. It would be best to spread out all of the popcorn to avert an actual popcorn explosion. To accomplish this, you must increase the pump's pressure until the number of approaches corresponds to the figure on the corn slide. Once you've dealt with the corn disaster, you'll be able to go on to the next duty. Mayor Goodway has requested assistance.

How to play Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe?
In this paw patrol game app Tsypoletta, the wicked henpecked at the corn and wound up in the barn as a result. So now it's up to the Racer to take over. You'll need to go to the very top of the barn to retrieve it. But proceed with caution, as there are numerous difficulties ahead. Wheels, open windows, and feathers should be avoided because your puppy is allergic to these items. Once you've gained entry, you'll need to locate down and apprehend the naughty girl. So, for the time being, the issue is minor. After that, the racer and Chickaletta will descend the rope. It would be best to collect all of the balloons that appear along the journey. On the other hand, crows are the most dangerous animals to be on the lookout for. When you collide with them, your speed decreases. However, fearless puppies are up to any challenge. Have a fantastic time with the new paw patrol games here on!

Tips on how to play?
First and foremost, you can assist Marshall in matching the numbers on his water pump to the numbers underneath the stacks of grain in this paw patrol game computer. Then, remove all the flaming embers before the corn kernels transform into popcorn! After then, it's time to track down Chickaletta. She's made her way to the barn's loft, where she'll be sleeping. Chase needs your assistance to climb into the barn through the high window and track along Chickaletta's tracks to track her down. In conjunction with Chickaletta and Skye, Chase will collect some balloons for the event. Finally, to complete the game, you can print off an image of the Paw Patrol dogs to colour in at your leisure afterwards.

Popping Corn
Bettina tosses some hot coals from Farmer Al's BBQ into a pile of maize, which catches fire. Marshall must extinguish the blaze with his water cannons before the maize begins to pop. The stacks of corn are at varying distances from one another, and Marshall must raise the pressure in his water cannon to the appropriate level. To increase the pressure level by one, click on the pump, and then hit the rest limit to decrease the pressure level by one. When the pump's number matches the number of each pile, fire the water cannon by clicking on Marshall in the bottom right corner.

Barn Rescue
Chickaletta is startled by the exploding corn and finds herself stuck in Farmer Al's hayloft due to the incident. It will take Super Spy Chase to track her down and rescue her:

  1. He must use his suction cups to climb up the barn walls, collecting as many snacks as he can along the way. Move left and right by pressing the arrow keys, and avoid obstacles such as feathers and windows at all costs!
  2. Chase must use his night vision goggles to track down Chickaletta once he has arrived at the loft's gloomy interior. You can use the arrow keys to move his point of view to follow Chickaletta's infrared traces. Chickaletta will remain in place if you click on the glowing haystacks you come across.
  3. Chase utilizes his zip line to lower Chickaletta to the ground.
  4. Use Chase's zip line to descend to the earth safely.
  5. Spin the rope using the space bar, both to collect balloons and to avoid being attacked by crows until Skye captures Chickaletta and all of the balloons you've collected. 


Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Release Date       April 9, 2015, and updated to Html5 in 2020
Date added         Chicago Time: 10 January 2022 04:37

Developer                         Disney Junior
Mobile Mode                    Yes
Mobile ready                     Yes
Platform                             PC, Web browser, and also mobile devices.
HTTP Ready                        Yes
Genre                                  Paw PatrolAdventureArcadeKidsSkillCartoonsSuperheroDisneyNickelodeon, Dogs, Nick JR, Html5.

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Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe
Enjoy playing online this free paw patrol game with a compelling game-play that can be played online on The Paw Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe game it's produced with HtmL5 technology which allows the game to work flawlessly on all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this epic fun ability and firefighting paw patrol game and explore the other free online paw patrol games to have extra joy!

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