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Imposter Solo Killer

Play among us Imposter Solo Killer free online on browsers and mobile devices here on, and join a fun endless battle between the alien impostor and the astronauts and their spaceship. In this among us imposter, you will play of course as an imposter, with this long and sharp sword, where you must sneak behind the cremates that are on duty and annihilated the one by ones. But there is a catch, each of the astronauts has a range vision that is marked with a red you can see it while playing the game, if you are caught in their vision they will shoot you instant, having the advantage, so you will die. As you start playing the game in the first levels you will face only one or those armed astronauts, but the game gets harder as you progress. There will be crew members' side by side guarding their back and you will have to be fast to sneak behind them and take them down one by one. Also, in the more advanced levels, there will be lots of rooms with hundreds of astronauts and all it takes is one mistake and you are dead. When you have some money you can spend them to buy cooler imposter skins there are six of them in the shop, so choose the one you like and unblock it to play with him and have a blast here on in this fun game among us. Do your best and let no one survive to wind the rounds and the game.
Play Imposter Solo Killer online
Knowing all about this among us free game mentioned above, you can start playing the game and see what you can mage in this epic fun battle of the good and evil in space. And this Imposter Solo Killer developed with HTML5 technology makes the game work smoothly on browsers and also on mobile devices. No download requirements are needed to play the game, so just click that start button hold is and move sideways to play the game. If enjoy playing his game make sure to check out other among us games online from our category with games like Impostor, and Who Is Imposter. Good luck and have fun!

How to play Imposter Solo Killer?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. To move on the spaceship use mouse to tap on the bottom of the screen on that joystick-looking control, hold it and then move sideways.

Release Date     
Monday, March 01, 2021
Date added        Chicago Time: 02:56 on 1 March 2021
Type                              Html5
Platform                       PC, Web browser and also on mobile devices on
HTTP Ready                  Yes
Mobile Ready                Yes
Gender                           Survive, Sabotage, Explore, Escape.

The ''Imposter Solo Killer'' game was developed by GamesLand. But you can play the game free online on

The web browser, the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Avant Browser.
  • Enjoy a cool clone of the famous among us ps4 on browsers and mobile devices.
  • Great low poly 3D graphics with details character, skins, and levels.
  • Six different skins to unblock and play with.
  • Each level complete provides you with gold and XP.
  • Countless challenges from easy to expert. 
  • Full-screen, HTTPS, and mobile-ready.
  • Addicting and fun gameplay.
  • Smooth animations.
Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 6

More Information About Imposter Solo Killer
Enjoy among us ps4 games like the among us games, where you must play as the imposter and annihilate all astronauts to win the game. The ''Imposter Solo Killer'' game can be played for free online on, on any browser's types and mobile devices.  If you enjoyed this fun among us games online make sure you try other similar games like Among Us Single Player. Good luck and have fun!

Make sure you check tips Video Instruction and Youtube Game-play of the ''Imposter Solo Killer'' game for free on       

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