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High Speed Extreme Racing

High Speed Extreme Racing game it's now free on!
If you are looking for a new racing game to play with your friends in 2 players split-screen mode. Then High-Speed Extreme Racing game is an exhilarating game in which you can compete in races on various automobile models. You will be presented with a game garage containing different car models at the start of the game. You will be required to select a vehicle that suits your preferences. Speed and technical features will be specific to the vehicle. When you get to the starting line, you'll find yourself competing against your competitors. When the signal is given, everyone rushes forward, steadily increasing their speed. Pay close attention to the screen. It would be sufficient if you voyaged at high speed through many corners with varying degrees of difficulty while avoiding flying off the road. You'll have to outrun all of your competitors and come in the first place. Points will be awarded to you for completing a race successfully. Once you have a particular number of them, you will unlock different automobiles.
About High Speed Extreme Racing?
After playing High Speed Car Stunt, you should try High Speed Extreme Racing, a racing game similar to High Speed Extreme. In this game, everything happens at a breakneck pace. In this game, in which you can compete against your friends as a two-player game, you can customize your car any way you want. In races with three laps, you have a good chance of beating your opponents and finishing first. Purchase better automobiles with the reward money you received and compete against your pals! Turn into an aggressive rally driver in an entirely new environment for you. There is no need to brake due to traffic or racing other rival vehicles, allowing you to do illegal stunt activities and run at full speed without fear of the police pursuing your SUV in this racing game pc.
Model of Driving Based on Physics
Begin by racing in arcade style and pulling off incredible exploits in this speed racing 3d car game. A one-of-a-kind combination of arcade fun and driving simulation. The world's first high-speed racing simulator. Begin driving and earning awards, collecting all of the items on the asphalt track, and earning sufficient money to purchase upgrades and new cars as you progress through the game. Perform incredible drifts at high speeds while braking and accelerating in an unfathomable pattern. Drag your racing career into a high-stakes competition.
A large number of automobiles
In this racing game for kids to gain money, they must race and win competitions. Invest your money in automotive upgrades and new vehicles. Drag racing manoeuvres are performed on high-octane asphalt courses. Every car is unique in its way. Some have incredible peak speeds, while others have poor acceleration and vice versa. Others have outstanding durability as well as nitrous oxide capacity. Make the automobile conform to your racing style like in any racing game free

High Speed Extreme Racing game controls:
-Player 1 To Move: Arrow Keys Camera Control: Press J, K, L Boost: N Respawn: P Hand Brake: Space
-Player 2 To Move: W, A, S, D Camera Control: C, V, B Boost: F Respawn: TAB Hand Brake: Left Shift 

Release Date        Friday, January 28 2022
Type                      WebGL
Developer            Xlab Game Studio
Mobile Mode       Not implemented yet
Mobile ready        Not implemented yet
Platform                PC, and Web browser
HTTPS Ready         Yes
Categories              Cars, Sports, Drifting, Racing, 2 players, Driving, Boys.

The Web browser version of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Features of the game include:
-A real 3D graph with a high resolution for all platforms.
- Surprisingly good sound.
- Customs clearance
- A variety of automobiles to choose from for racing.
- There is an achievement to complete for completing the game.
- A range of distinct circuit race tracks, each with its own personality.
- It is possible to have a good time because the cars are not damaged.
- There is an option for full-screen viewing.
- Different game modes like racing, stunts and more.
-HTTPS ready.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About High Speed Extreme Racing
Enjoy a fun low poly 2 player game online that provides realistic car game racing that you can experience directly in your browser here on The High Speed Extreme Racing games it's developed with WebGL technology that allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Enjoy these awesome car games online unblocked arena and good luck with the game!
To better understand the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of High Speed Extreme Racing online here on

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This game was added in January 28, 2022 and it was played 1.9k times since then. High Speed Extreme Racing is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.29 / 5 de 17 votos.