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FNF X Doors – Floor 2

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You've reached the creepy hotel's second story. There are several entrances, and horrible beasts lurk behind each one. Are you prepared to confront them directly and fight to the death? Now, get your voting fingers ready, and keep watching to win! After all, if you don't, you'll be trapped in that insane hotel forever! When you go through "Game FNF Doors: Level 2," you'll enter the dreamlike realm of Roblox. It's cloaked in mystery and filled with terrifying monsters who have no business being here on planet Earth. Yet they exist, and we must eradicate them!

How To Play FNF x Doors – Floor 2?
Both a "story" and "free play" fnf mode are available. If you're more of a rule-follower, narrative mode pits you against three consecutive monsters in a rhythmic combat. Free play is the way to go if you want to test your musical prowess without any constraints. Use all of your hero's arrow combos repeatedly in combat to decimate your foes.

Tips And Tricks In FNF x Doors – Floor 2!
Based on the information you've provided, it seems that "FNF x Doors - Floor 2" is a fan-made game that combines two popular games, "Friday Night Funkin'" (often abbreviated as "FNF") and "Roblox doors game." In this game, the player controls the character Boyfriend from "Friday Night Funkin'" and guides him through the second floor of the Roblox doors game. The game is a rhythm game, which means that the player must press buttons in time with the music in order to score points and progress through the game.

On the second floor, the Boyfriend encounters three new monsters that he must defeat through a series of music-based battles. Presumably, these monsters are original creations of the game's creators and are not part of either the "Friday Night Funkin'" or "Roblox doors game" canon. It's worth noting that as a fan-made game, "FNF x Doors - Floor 2" is not an official release from either game's creators and may not be endorsed or supported by them.

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