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Fish Eat Fishes

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And get ready to enjoy the latest fish games online where you emerge in the fish world and help small fish deal with their growing problems. Been small in a waste oceans world filled with thousands of predators fish is a hard way to stay alive. Join the action and adventure in this ''Fish Eat Fishes'' game that is a simple game inspired by the classic Fish Eat Fish 3 Players game. In the game, you need to use your skills and guide the small fish to avoid bigger fish and eat smaller fish to finally become the biggest fish in the sea. Get your friends online and play this epic fun 1 player, 2 players, and 3 players cooperation survival online fish game. Each of the players can select from a range of five different fish colours and skins. And work together to dominate the see of fishes.
The most effective method to Play and in Fish Eat Fishes: 
- There're three sorts to control in the game: 
+ Tap and Swipe on the screen to move fish. 
+ Use Joystick to control fish. 
+ Use W, A, S, D  on the gadget to move fish. 
- When the game beginnings you'll be miniature fish, so you need to move and eat more modest fish to expand fish. Do whatever it takes not to cause your fish to be eager; eat fish-free for all to get more score capable you can. At the point when you become the biggest fish, you'll be winning. 
- You should avoid the furious sharks, hungry sharks since they will eat your fish. You likewise need to avoid all more excellent fishes because they will eat your fish if you are close to them. 
- Mussel has pearl; however, it is additionally a sort of fish trap, eat pearls and rapidly leave the mussels when they close their mouth. 
- Fish tracker, which is more significant than your fish, it'll follow you all over, attempt to move your fish congruity to stay away from it. 
- When you eat fish furore and become the most excellent fish and get a good score, a mermaid will show up on the off chance that you keep three lives. The mermaid will get across the sea and deliver the delightful Starfish, attempt to follow the mermaid to eat all Starfish which the mermaid delivered to raise the flow score. 
Game Features of the game: 
- Game has plenty of levels, and we will make more levels in the following time. 
- In the game, there are numerous lovely fishes of the sea: carp fish, tiger sharks, white sharks, swordfish, Starfish, coral, squid, whale... 
- The impact of air pockets and genuine waves sound. 
- Have numerous things in the game: 
- Starfish: eating it to get 100 scores. 
- Slow something: eating it to stop fish development which closes to it. 
- Bomb: you need to control your fish to stay away from bombs if you prefer not to lose. 
- Speed thing: eating it to move quicker. 
- 1 up thing: eat it to cause your fish to be more significant. 
- Light bulb: gobble it to illuminate everything around. 
Tips and tricks in Fish Eat Fishes?
Eat fish furore to get a high score, procure more coins to overhaul your fish, and purchase beautiful maps.  Eat fish to develop, and you will be the most excellent fish as a ruler of the sea. Is it true that you have enough abilities and daring to turn into the sea's best or the suzerain of the sea?
Release Date          September 2019
Date added            Chicago Time: 05:14 on 19 September 2019

                              Html5 with subtype WebGL
Platform                       PC, and Web browser.
HTTP Ready                 Yes
Mobile Ready               Not implemented yet.
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Gender                           Sports, Fishing and Hunting, Kids, Abilities.


Fishing Game was developed by Inlogic Software. But you can play the games online for free on

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3
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Enjoy a cool 2D kid's free fishing game where you must eat the other smaller fish to grow into the biggest predators here on Also, the Fishing Game game it's developed with Html5 technology enables the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this stardew valley fish game make sure you try other similar fishing games simulators from our category with hunting and fishing here on our website.
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