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Among Shooter Kill Impostor

Among Shooter Kill Impostor game it's now free on!
Where you will join the mission and try to annihilate the infected imposters from their spaceship who are attempting to land on Earth. The spaceship from the Among Shooter Kill Impostor is full of perils and traps to get you into trouble. No one will predict what will take place on board the spaceship in a few minutes. The team had previously split, and the boys were divided into two militant camps: crew members and traitors. This division had occurred a long time before the current situation. They are currently at war with one another, and the ship's peace is not optimistic, with only new great battles on the horizon. In the game "Among Shooter," you will come across the lone crew survivor who has managed to stay alive amongst the rest of the group. Now you must stand alone against the hordes of impostors who have decided to eliminate the last survivor to save themselves. However, they will not be able to accomplish this because the adversaries made a mistake by selecting your astronaut as their target in the first place. And it will come at a high price for them!
About Among Shooter Kill Impostor?
An alien in a red suit from the Among Us race has infiltrated the military base of his eternal enemies, the Pretenders, and taken over their weapons and technology storage facility. Our hero desires to detonate a nuclear weapon on the floor, and in the game Among shooters Kill Impostor, you will assist him in this endeavor. One of the base's corridors will be home to your character, who will be fully equipped with various weapons, including firearms, grenades, and explosives. You will direct the actions of Among Aska by using the control keys on your keyboard. You'll have to coerce him into taking the next step.
Take a good look around you. Pretender detachments walk around the perimeter of the base. When you come across enemy soldiers, you'll have to open fire on them to protect yourself. By shooting accurately, you will eliminate the Impostors and earn points in the process. Items can fall out of the enemy's body after being killed. These trophies are available for collection.
What is the best way to play?
Before starting the game, make sure to activate the maximum number of weapons possible to smear the angry traitors on the wall with blood. Your assignment is to eliminate all of the level impersonators. In the upper left corner of the screen, an icon indicating the number of enemies will appear. The traitors will likely attack in large groups, so be on the lookout and fire at the approaching enemies. They will come at you from every direction, including the ceiling. Some of them will be large and difficult to take out in one fell swoop. Because of this, try to maintain your distance and fight the monster from a distance to avoid being struck by a stray bullet or a sharp knife. Not only Among As fans who will be drawn to this fantastic shooting game but all other players without exception!
Mouselook around WASD - movement W + Shift - Run Space - jump Left Mouse Button - Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Aim Mouse wheel - next/leading weapon 1-7 - weapon hotkeys R - reload F - knife attack 1 Q - knife attack 2 G - throw a grenade T - inspect the weapon E - remove/remove weapons.

Release Date      Friday, February 04, 2022

Type                              WebGL
Platform                       PC, and Web 
HTTP Ready                  Not implemented yet.
Mobile Ready                Not implemented yet.
Gender                           Survive, Shooting, Action, Among Us3D, Boys, Space.
Game Features:
-Take part in a fun 3D first-person shooter game among us.
-Excellent low-poly 3D graphics, with characters, weapons, and levels that are both visually appealing and playable.
-There are a plethora of levels and missions to complete.
-There are many different types of Among Us impersonators, including small and large individuals, those armed with knives and weapons, and others.
-Each level has a specified number of imposters that you must eliminate in order to win.
-Don't let your health deteriorate to the point where you die.
-There's a large and effective arsenal of weapons.
-Full-screen mode is available, as is HTTPS support.
-The gameplay is addicting and entertaining.
-Animations that are smooth. 
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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 12

More Information About Among Shooter Kill Impostor
Enjoy a fun FPS action-packed among us crazy shooter game where you must eliminate all the infected imposters before they reach Earth in their spaceship. The Among Us Shooter: Kill All Traitors game can be played for free online on, only on browsers. So play do your best and if you enjoyed this fun among us shooter online make sure to stay alive! Good luck!

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